Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4- A favorite band

There are many bands that I really like but there are a few that I love. Switchfoot is one of them.

this group is truly amazing. they have such beautiful hearts and music.

their lyrics speak right to my heart. each song centers around Christ.

they have slower and thoughtful songs then upbeat and fun ones. 

the guys are awesome. i have an honest respect and admiration for them.

they have a funky fabulous true style

i saw them in concert a few months ago and they were amazing to say the least. i would give a lot to see them again.

"What do we really want to say to the world? Three main themes. The inability to find completion in our modern society, the inability to find completion within ourselves, and the new way to be human in what Christ offers us -- His love and His perfect plan of redemption for us."--Jon Foreman 

I have this poster on my wall and i love it :)

here are 2 of my favorite songs by them. enjoy lovelies :) 


*fun side note*
the other day my 8 y.o. sister said that Jon Foreman {lead singer} has a beautiful face. can i say she has good taste? ;)


  1. I love Switchfoot!My favorite song by them is Stars. <3

  2. Oh yah! Switchfoot is nothing short of awesome!! :]


  3. Mmmm, good choice Samarah. ;)

    Love always,


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