Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3- a favorite book

 Day 3- A favorite book
So its obvious that the Bible is at the top ;) I haven't been reading much the past few months because of a problem with my eyes but we are getting that fixed and I've started reading again :) ok, this isn't my favorite book but I'm choosing it because I really like it and its the only one I can think of ;) I haven't finished it yet but I really love the plot and the characters etc.

 Notice anything about the title?? yeah, it kinda sounds like Aragorn doesn't it?! but Eragon is still not as awesome as Aragorn ;) It has a Lord of the Rings feel to it in the beginning but as you get into it, it has its own feel :)  a cool fact about the book- it was written by a homeschooled guy! how cool is that?! see world, people who are homeschooled are socialized and pretty cool! ;] if you like fantasy and looking for a new book check it out! 

with love,


  1. I love that book its so good:)

  2. hm. i haven't read it. maybe i should :)

  3. Definitely one of my favorite books too!! You have to read the following two books as well---they're amazing!

    Your forever friend,

    ps--Are ya ready for the Super Bowl?!?!? *laughs*

  4. I like The Inheritance Cycle, too! Really creative. But I agree, LOTR is still better. :)


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