Sunday, December 12, 2010

snow and movie! (attention to all who have tagged me!)

hey all! 
I am snuggled in my cozy house with some hot chocolate this Sunday morning because the roads are too bad to go to church.even though we just have a few inches of snow, we got lots of rain last night so there's ice underneath the snow making for very slippery streets! we tried going but ended up turning around and coming back home. I'm kinda glad though, we all are tired and so we are just relaxing and hanging out :)

here are two pictures from the very first snow fall we had :) I edited them with picnik. is anyone else in love with the winterize feature?!

also, if you have tagged me during the past 2 weeks please leave a comment on this post and let me know you have and if you could leave the direct link to your post that would be great :) i really don't want to go all over the blogging world looking for the tags ;)

I saw the VDT on Friday night and I loved it! It was even better than Prince Caspian (which i love!), but I Prince Caspian wasn't really an interesting book so they had to add things to the movie to make it enjoyable to watch. I think they did a great job. but I really enjoyed this one!! :)

 I was so glad that they stayed close to the book

I love the part where the snow came down :)
 it was a great mix of seriousness and humor. everyone laughed at many parts in the movie :) it was very enjoyable to watch.
my dad and I really liked the dufflepuds :)

the actors did a awesome job! i really liked that they dropped Caspian's accent.everyone seemed so much more mature especially Lucy! she looked so grown up! it seems like just yesterday that she was like 8 yrs.old and walking through the wardrobe ;) but I'm still not quite sure why Anna Popplewell and William Moseley were in the trailer and on the poster. while I enjoyed seeing them briefly, I'm still wondering why they were in it? but oh well ;)

 They did a wonderful job choosing the actor for Eustace! he was snobby, funny and just had the perfect personality! i was really looking forward to seeing how they would play out Eustace turning into a dragon and i was pleased with out they did it. I love the part of the book where Aslan has to rip away Eustace's scales  but if they would of done that in the movie i think it would have surpassed the PG rating ;)

I loved Reepicheep! he's definitely one of my favorite characters ever!

 I loved all the quotes that seemed to point straight to Christianity. especially with Lucy doubting her beauty. It was a great message about  being you! Christ has a marvelous plan made just for you!
The Voyage of the Dawn treader is probably my favorite so far :)

hope you are having a safe, blessed weekend :)



  1. I tagged you. Here's a link...
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  2. I love your pics! I'll have to check out the winterize feature. :)

    I tagged you on my blog... :)


  3. Oh yes, it was such a good movie!!!!

    Oh, and I tagged you:

    Love and prayers,

  4. thanks so much girls!


  5. I LOVED the movie too! And I agree.. They picked the PERFECT person to play Eustace :D
    Great post :D

  6. Lovely post. And sometimes it's good to just sit at home and drink warm drinks and watch good movies, and be with the family. One of my favorite things to do! ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm excited to see it!

  7. i was visiting your blog and your music came on, i must say i love it! you have wonderful taste in music. i love fireflight but i had never heard that song 'what i've overcome' before and now i love it!! =D

    and also, now i am convinced i need to see 'the voyage of the dawn trader'. i must!


  8. love the pictures!

    thanks for following my blog!



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