Saturday, December 4, 2010

i have a good reason for being absent from the blogging world :)

I would apologize for not keeping up with y'alls blogs but I would be lying, the fact is that I've been having a wonderful time with SarahLynn :D its hard to believe that she's been here 1 week.... time is flying! but she gets to stay for a whole other week!! We've had loads of fun together: laughing,taking pictures,watching movies, playing on our itouches,doing school(yes I said doing school, SarahLynn brought some subjects with her that she had to get done and I had things I had to do the way doing school is way more fun with a freind than alone ;), and Christmas shopping :) here are a few pics from the week ♥

doing school and listening to Air1
SarahLynn's homework
SarahLynn's math homework... lol ;)

watching Emma

me :) 

We bought some scarves and were using them as masks,skirts,head wraps and taking funny pictures :P this one cracks me up ;) 

some fun edits we did :)

love this one :)

We had our first SNOW on wednesday! Then it stopped for a few days but today it has been snowing non stop. I love looking out and seeing  the snow falling ♥ we are relaxing in our warm cozy house :)

hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
off to spend some time with my dear friend :)


  1. lol, looks like you girls have been having a ton of fun!!!

    Give SarahLynn a hug from us bloggy friends!!!!!!!

    Love always,

  2. Apologia homework!!! lol! Forgive my over excitement, I just love Apologia. :)

    I'm glad you are having a good visit with SarahLynn. :)

  3. haha, looks like my schoolwork!! I tagged you both!!

  4. What a beautiful post Samarah! <3

  5. Lily- you're so sweet! she loved the hug ;)

    Hope- I'm glad you like it so much! I really don't care for it ;)

    Arianna- thank you! :)

    SarahLynn- thanks ;)



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