Thursday, October 28, 2010

back :O) ( computer,featured bloggers and pictures!)

 Hey All!

Our computer is fixed! YAY ;D Also we couldn't get the pictures from our camera to the computer but my dad and I figured a way to get them on, that's why there hasn't been many pictures up on here. So later in the post there are some pictures :)

I've been wanting a more "fall" theme to my blog and I found this header ( I can't remember where). What do you think of it??

I would like to "feature" a  some blogs that I've found recently that I'm really enjoying reading!

the blog of a woman who is striving to serve the Lord and her husband everyday and they are expecting their sweet girl Lily! (oh and she has a awesome sense of fashion and style ;)
I just became of a follower of this cool girl today!
a devoted wife and the momma to an adorable little boy!
Kinsey at Arizona Vintage
I love all the random things that she posts! :)
( this girl has some amazing talent!) 
A girl who is striving to glorify her Savior everyday and who loves Kutless! :D

Here are some pictures! :)

this is a series of pictures that I took while the sun was setting behind a cloud, you can see how it slowly sets :)

I love clouds!

this was a beautiful sunset

storm clouds.. *dramatic music in the background*

I posted these song lyrics on my mirror in my room.... I needed something to read and think about when I feel bad.
this one is from the song Dear X( you don't own me) by Disciple.

these lyrics are from Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser 
I'm still working on my blog design. I'm working on installing a custom font, editing my header etc.

I'm so glad that tomorrow is FRIDAY! ahh the end of the week... sounds good ;)

Love in Christ,


  1. I love the sunset pictures. :) I really like the song "Love Like Crazy." When I came here it started, and I was like, "She likes that song, to? Cool!" :) I like country music. ;)


  2. Glad you're back! ;) Love your header!

  3. I like the new header!
    Nice pics =)

  4. Howdy!
    Wow, thanks for featuring my blog! I fell honored. lol

    Lovely pictures! :-D

    God bless!

  5. Haley- I like country music too but sometimes its hard to find good clean country music. But Lee Brice seems pretty good :)

    Shaynie- thanks! :)

    Sierra- thank you!

    Katie- You're so welcome! It was my honor ;)



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