Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation :)

We are leaving tomorrow morning to go on vacation to visit my mom's family! we'll be back by the 21st. I'm looking forward to it but I'm not really looking forward to spending 8 hours in a car with a 2 younger siblings! ;) Oh well, you never know it might be fun ( which is what I friend suggested to me ;)!! I've got my itouch, some movies and a book all ready to go :)

Last night I got really stressed and worried about the trip, making sure I had everything, helping clean the house before we left, how I would feel during the drive there ( I've been having a lot of back pain recently and it hurts to sit for long periods of time and also I get a lot headaches) and things like that. So last night I was going to the different sites I get free music downloads from( so i could put them on my iPod and listen to them during the trip :) and found this song called Restless by Audrey Assad. At first I wasn't really interested in hearing the song but I downloaded it anyway and when it played on itunes I instantly loved it and thanked God I had gotten it. It fit so perfectly with what I had been feeling! I have been really restless and I'm giving it over to God and now I'm resting in HIM :) I have to say its one of the best songs I've ever gotten! :) I'm adding Audrey Assad to my new favorite music artists list :) Here are the lyrics but please still go here ( it wouldn't let me embed the video) and watch the video so you can hear Audrey's beautiful voice! and after you're done listening to that song click on another one of her songs to listen to! you won't regret it!

(I do not own this image)

You dwell in the songs that we are singing
Rising to the Heavens
Rising to Your heart
Our praises filling up the spaces

In between and frailty and everything You are

You are the keeper of my heart
And I’m restless, I’m restless till I rest in You, till I rest in You
I am restless; I’m restless till I rest in You, till I rest in You, oh God

Speak now, for my soul is listening;
Say that You have saved me;
Whisper in the dark, the dark.
I know You’re more than my salvation;
Without You I am hopeless;
Tell me who You are;
You are the keeper of my heart
You are the keeper of my heart.
Still my heart; hold me close; let me hear a still small voice.
Let it grow; let it rise into a shout, into a cry.
(c) 2009 Audrey Assad/Matt Maher

Isn't that so beautiful and calming?! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am :)

Hope you all are having a great week! I'll still be able to read your blogs but I probably won't write any posts :)

Vacation here I come :)


  1. I'll miss you! Have fun!! :-)

  2. Wow Eldarwen, didn't take you long to comment ;) I'll be able to read blogs but I might not write any posts :)

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. Hi Samarah!
    I'm new to your blog, but I already love it! Tenth Avenue North is my fave band. :)

    Have a great trip!

    In Christ,


  4. Oh Samarah, I miss you already. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Much Love,

  5. Lily - thank you for visiting and following my blog! :) I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through blogging!


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