Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HE won't let you go!

I was listening to Addison Road's new album ( just released today or yesterday!) for free on New ReleaseTuesday.com. This song came on and I was instantly in love! ;) We all need to be reminded that even in the hard times and through pain God won't let us go! Through all my health issues( read more on the About Me page above) the past 2 years I've been through a lot hard times and pain, I've needed to be reminded that He is with me always, He loves me and won't let me go :)

I absolutely love Jenny's voice! :) (and this awesome picture! :)

(I don't own this image)
(I couldn't find a music clip of the song but you can go to http://www.newreleasetuesday.com/albumpreview1.php?p_r_url=album_prev1 and listen to it, its number 4 i think :) Here are the lyrics I love them!! :)

Won't Let Me Go by Addison Road

Welcome to my latest disaster
Same book just another chapter
I never thought it could be worse than last year
But here I am again today
I laughcause it hurts when I scream
But I’ll make it through ‘cause I believe

That even when my heart breaks
And everything’s shaken
I’m left alone in the rain
You won’t, you won’t, won’t
You won’t let me go
When life’s insane
And everything’s crazy
You carry me through the pain
And you won’t, you won’t, won’t
You won’t let me go

Here we go it’s a three-ring circus
Juggling it all, trying to find my purpose
With each new day, I’m praying just to make it through
When my next disaster is near
I know that you’ll meet me right here
So I won’t fear

Repeat Chorus

I feel your love that surrounds me

My world can shake but it won’t drown me
‘Cause I’m trusting you
No matter what I’m going through

The whole album Stories is SO good!!

Love in Christ,


  1. Those are great lyrics!! Thanks for sharing~ I will pray that God will help you through the hard times...

    Many Blessings,

  2. Thank you so much for praying Lydia!! It means so much to me :)



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