Thursday, April 1, 2010

April?! Can it be??

Can you believe its already April??!! and Easter this weekend?! I can't! Today was and still is a beautiful day! It was warm,there was a soft breeze, the sun was shining bright

and the sky was a clear blue with a few clouds here and there :) there really was clouds I just didn't get a good picture!
Right now the sun is setting and its still warm and very nice. I love these kinds of days! :) and watching our flowers/plants grow and bloom is very fun also!

these are our day lilies, we have lots of them in front of our house! they are so pretty when they bloom!
I'm not sure what this bush is called but these flowers bloom all over it and its beautiful! I went out around lunch time today and this one was the only one that was open and then I came back out about 1 hour or so later and like 10 more had bloomed! It was amazing how they all bloomed so fast!

Here's a black and white version of the same picture... didn't it come out so cool?!

OK about my 2 weeks off the computer, it went really well! I honestly didn't miss being on the computer that much! Thank you so much for the encouraging comments and prayers!! I was allowed to get on to check my library account( so i didn't get any fines:) and when my ipod quit working I was allowed to get on and look up how to fix it( I'll get to that later). I got caught up with science and a little bit in math, those were my 2 biggest "need catching up on" subjects. I also got myself back into my every other day working out schedule :) I'm working on getting fit for soccer this summer! :)
I did something very very fun during the weekend..... I went to a Switchfoot concert!! It was the best concert I've been to! If you have a opportunity to go a Switchfoot concert do please go! It was definitely worth the money! Thank you so much Switchfoot for putting on a amazing show!! My dad went with me and he hadn't really "noticed" them or really heard any of their songs and most of the songs that they played at the concert he really liked! :) He and I really like their song "This is your life", when they played it, the song put on a whole new meaning for me. I'm strongly considering buying their Hello Hurricane CD! :)

On to my iPod... so I was getting ready to work out and I was putting some songs in a playlist, doing this should be simple right? not! I push save and it freezes so I try to un-freeze it. Then it gives me the dreaded sad ipod icon!

I run to my mom who is at the computer and say " I need the computer, I need to get on!". I was in a hurry because I didn't want that image on my iPod or it might of been too late, I really didn't want to have to wait days for it to get fixed ! So I spend like an hour or so trying to restore it and my stubborn iPod doesn't corporate!! so I leave it plugged into the computer and go to bed and the next afternoon( Sunday afternoon) after a long time of trying to get my iPod to show up on the computer so i could restore it on iTunes, it worked!! I was able to restore it!! I'm SO glad I was able to do that instead of sending it off to some company and going "podless" for days :)

well that was basically my past 2 weeks :) thanks for reading! =)

Love in Christ,

Here is the music video for the song " Mess of Me" by Switchfoot! Its my new favorite song! :) Hope you enjoy it!

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