Thursday, May 3, 2012

this is it. {tumblr thursday vol. 12}

happy thursday peoples! its beautiful outside...its warm and sunny. and i actually had a good morning! meaning I didn't have to threaten myself to get myself out of bed this morning and i didn't hit any snooze buttons. thats big, you guys. and im actually feeling good! my headache is at its minium today which is a praise, praying it stays that way! but the whole getting out of bed with no fuss this morning could totally be because TODAY IS ONE OF "THE DAYS". its marathon day! and tomorrow...I can't even. you guys, I can't even. the end.

here are my tumblr favorites:

reminding myself of this daily...

Cause this is not about what you’ve done

But what’s been done for you

This is not about where you’ve been

But where your brokenness brings you to
This is not about what you feel
But what He felt to forgive you

-You Are More by Tenth Avenue North 

in love with this photo. <3 they are the bestest dogs. 

starting watch BBC Merlin this week! I'm almost done season 1 and really liking it! ;) 



my current feelings about the fact that THESE ARE "THE DAYS"

im off to go do stuffs. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 



  1. Ha, you've made me want to get up and have one of THOSE DAYS as well! love that picture of the puppy---so cute! :)

    love always,

    ps--I'm so glad you're feeling well today!

  2. So glad you're feeling good! That verse certainly is encouraging :)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul


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