Thursday, March 15, 2012

tumblr thursday Vol. 6

so just a warning, there is a LOT of Robin Hood awesomesauce this week. like whoa. I'm getting ready to watch the very last episodes of RH. I almost don't want to because I don't want to see it end. *sigh*

anyway, without further ado:

 this-- is fabulous.


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  1. ahahahaha "i tried to look at things from your point of view..but yours is stupid". ;) <3

  2. I love your tumblr posts! "Why can't he be more like Matthew Crawley?"! Haha! And your constant talking about Robin Hood has me intrigued...and I have officially added it to our Netflix instant queue! :)
    ~Lauren :)

    1. Yes! I've gotten to you! ;P please watch it. It's one of the best shows ever! be sure and let me know what you think when you watch it.

  3. Oh just feel so inspired now!!! Haha ::relaxing sigh::

    Thank you, dear ;)


  4. I just loved everything here. Seriously, I kept going, "Oh, I'll have to tell her this was my favorite!" with, like, every one of these. Serious awesome-sauce.


  5. lovelovelove all the robinhood-ness. That show is so good. Allen and Much are possibly my favorite characters ever. So hilarious. :) Seeing all of those pictures makes me want to relive two summers ago, and watch all 3 seasons. :)

    1. Yes it is! I agree! Allan is definitely my #1 favorite character and Much is a close 2nd ;)

  6. We are in the middle of watching Robin Hood. My sisters and I are in love :D I've seen many adaptations over the years and this cast is by far my favourite. Jonas Armstrong does and amazing Robin and Lucy Griffiths a stunning Marian.

    Although, I have to say, the story lines of the first season episodes were weak and Guy of Gisbourne and Robins hair in the third season is unbearable. Oh,'s still worth it. Much is awesome and I'm guessing from the pics that Allan is your favourite? :)

    1. oh really?! sweet! I totally agree! and then put Jonas and Lucy together...ahhh.
      oh yes, THE HAIR. Gisborne's drives me crazy in season 3, though after he comes back from Prince John's (?) its a bit better. and Robin's best hair was definitely in season 2 if not season 1. out of all of them Allan has the BEST hair. ever. and yes he is my top favorite. ;) {Robin is a given} then there's Much who makes me laugh and reminds me what friends are for and then Will, Djaq, and Little John. oh and Carter! I liked him. and Archer wasn't *too* bad.
      ok i'll stop, i could talk Robin Hood all night ;)

      who is your favorite character?

    2. Favorite character? That's a hard one - there are some really awesome ones! :) Probably Robin (duh) or Much or Djaq. Oh, and Marian was pretty good too. Little John is awesome because he is so constant. Will too. Allan annoyed me in the 2nd season but he soared in my opinion when he turned :P Really there were just some awesome characters.

      Kate I absolutely did not like even a little. And, yeah, it is because they tried to replace Marian with her. Robin shouldn't have been with anyone except for Marian. It's Robin and Marian...not Robin and every other girl that comes along. But that's just my thing and I could rant forever about that. I am glad Marian showed up in the last episode and that he kinda told Kate in the end there that he didn't love her.

      You are right about Gisbourne's hair slightly improving...I still kept wishing he would go back to his season 2 hair :) Robin too. Oh, and I'm glad Gisbourne turned out to be good in the end. That was nice.

      Archer was, in my opinion, just plain annoying. Sorry...

      Okay, I'd better shut up now before I start going on about them killing off Marian and Robin. How can you do that!!!

      Alright. I'm done now. Promise :)


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