Tuesday, March 27, 2012


just popping in to say that i might be a little mia for a while. there's a lot going on right now and blogging is going to be on the back burner. my great grandfather passed away this morning and so sometime this week we will be making an 8 hour trip to the funeral and such. then next week our friends are coming for spring break which i am SO pumped for. so the rest of this week will be tiring and a bit stressful. but it is what it is. i wanted to schedule picture posts of India from my mom's trip during next week but i'm not sure if that will happen. also, I've been feeling pretty crummy the past week or so. prayers would be appreciated.

real quick, in other news, I finished reading The Hunger Games. oh my word. LOVE IT. so much! I'm on Catching Fire and can't put it down!! I'm so excited to see the movie next week with my friends. I'll post more about that later. along with that, i haven't been on my tumblr dashboard because of all the movie spoilers!! i won't get back on till after i see it, i think i should get an award. i've gotten on my dashboard since sunday afternoon. i'm still posting a little bit and its spoiler free! ;)

that's its for now.
here's some bits of lovely that i've been enjoying. (because what's a post by me without some pictures? ;)

this is how i felt after i read The Hunger Games 



  1. yes. oh my goodness. i have got to go see that movie! XD

    by the way, i like the new header!


  2. Just had to stop by and say that I love your Tumblr page. Packed with so much Robin Hood and Downton Abbey goodness. It's keeping me from doing anything productive :D


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