Thursday, November 10, 2011

so much to blog so little time! {& around the farm:part two}

 hey friends!

i've had a bad sinus infection this week and my head, ears and throat have been bothering me really bad :/ which puts a damper on trying to get things done and being in a good mood overall. thus tea, cough drops, tissues and such have been following me around ;)

Also, as I was looking through pictures earlier i realized how much i still have yet to blog about! I've got some post "topics" and such in my head and hopefully i can get 'em out on here ;)

here's part two of around the farm :)
{and thanks for all your sweet comments on part one!}

i love my great-grandparent's land. my great-grandfather hasn't be able to take care of it for a few years now and now my great aunt and uncles and cousins help run it.

their miniature horses

it looks like that horse is different colors but its just a shadow. haha ;)
Lily the goat :)

look out for a picture post about the Farmer's Market!

hope you all are having a wonderful thursday :)

much love♥

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  1. Aw! Yuck. Get better soon darling.

    And wonderful pictures- that pony is precious!



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