Friday, October 21, 2011

nobody knows that it took to believe. [Soul Surfer and other randoms]

Happy Friday friends!

 isn't that just a lovely saying right there?! "happy friday....".  well I've been ready for today since Monday ;) I haven't been feeling very good this whole week starting on sunday and I babysat the past 2 days and I'm ready for some down time. How was YOUR week?

Okay so a lot of you are wondering what I thought about Soul Surfer. Here's my two cents-- Bethany Hamilton's story is amazing and inspiring so it made for a good and inspiring movie. The actors did a really nice job and for Carrie Underwood’s first movie, she did pretty well! My only "downside" was that it didn't have a super strong "Christian" message like I thought it would have. Sure there were mentions of God and a few verses but not like I expected. And the other thing is that they didn't focus a lot on Bethany's struggles and frustration and how God brought her through it. I'm not saying it didn't have anything to do with God, He is definitely present in the movie but not as clear as I thought it would be. And I knew this a given, but there was so much skin showing.
 So all that said Soul Surfer is an encouraging, clean film. I think it’s neat that it made it to the big screen with a good "with God and the love of family and friends all things are possible" message.

While I was out with my friend on saturday I scored Batman Begin's for 7 bucks.  bam. remember Inception for $2? ;)

for the most of the past week it has been raining. nonstop. and its been cold. cold and rain do not mix. although i do loving wearing hoodies. today the sun and blue sky decided to show up. thank you Lord! :) My only love about those kind of deary days is that it makes the house cozy and all I want to do is get some tea, blankets and watch a movie. That rarely happens and so when i did just that(minus the tea) last night after I worked out and took a shower, I enjoyed it ;)

Speaking of movies my mom and I recently watched Emma. I have seen it about 15 times(no joke) in the past year or so but my mom hadn't seen it and she liked it! its a movie that I can seriously watch OVER and OVER again and not get tired of it.

oh and just because i haven't posted a picture of him on here lately. here's a recent photo of my animal :) Its not a great quality one but its cute.


so there's a random Friday post for ya! I'm gonna leave you with Runway by Mat Kearney. I can't stop listening to it. seriously.

happy Friday!



  1. I'm listing to Mat Kearney RIGHT NOW. Weird!

  2. I should be watching Soul Surfer tomorrow. I hope that it is good...
    Really? My mom has seen Emma 20 times or something.I've only seen 5 or so :) It's something that we'll watch together during a lazy afternoon. He is sooo cute! My week has been busy...and it isn't over yet! So I'm hoping that next week will be a little less busy :) Thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for the tips. I've got a little routine that I do before bed...I do want to try to run around the house a couple times because I cannot run that long...Thanks again and have a great day! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. hello friend,

    you've already watched soul surfer, that was a good movie, inspiring one.

    enjoy your weekend!

    Lhen :)

  4. I love Soul Surfer, but I also expected more speaking about God in it. But it was still great. :) Mat Kearney, is, well, just amazing. :)

  5. I thought Soul Surfer was really good. I thought there might be more about God in it too, but for a big-budget movie (which hardly ever talk about the Lord ina psoitive light), I thought it was pretty good! I love Emma too - it's one of my favorite Jane Austen books.

  6. I love Soul-Surfer- I have been totally and completely in awe over how Bethany-Dillon's faith stayed intact through her journey after the attack, and when her book Soul-Surfer came out I was the first to buy it, and then when I heard about the movie I was incredibly excited. Much like you I was disappointed (slightly) in the fact that Jesus wasn't glorified and magnified to the extent Bethany does in her book, and in her testimony... it was more based on "will-power" and "I can do it" rather than "I am weak, but God is strong," which is what Bethany focuses on personally. Nevertheless it is still a great movie.


  7. Soul Surfer is a movie that I still need to watch. Someday... ;p

    Aghh, I hate those rainy cold fall days. But I suppose it makes me appreciate the crisp sunny days better. And I do love me some tea.

    EMMA! *squeals* How I love that movie. And even more now since I'm in a theater production of the story playing Emma herself. ♥ It makes my heart happy.



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