Sunday, September 25, 2011

whats up with me. {plus- a rant about clothes}


hey all you faithful followers of this recently very quiet blog!
it feels like i haven't written a blog post in forever. i miss it and i've thought of blog topics and say "I'm gonna write a post next time i get on the computer" and when I do- nothing. it just doesn't come. I don't know if i'm just too distracted or what. anyway, I'm sitting down and writing one now right? it! its a start right?! ;)


Okay so I think we've finally got fall around here! the highest in the last 2 weeks or so is 75/80 and the highest like in the 40s! i'm lovin' it. now i"m on the hunt for some fall clothes. Do you know how HARD it is to find jeans(or really any clothes for that matter) that you like, are your size and style and that don't cost an arm and a leg?! we went clothes shopping last night, we went to 3 stores and we couldn't find any jeans for me! there were either not my style, too skinny, too much or, 90% of the time, they didn't even have my size. we couldn't find anything over a size 11/13 and usually very skinny or they caved in at the thigh and went back out to the ends of the earth at the calves.  UM hello? they are people out here that aren't a size 11 and don't love clothes that are skin tight! ugh. do you girls have this problem?? BUT thankfully my awesome peeps on twitter gave me suggestions on where I might find some good jeans! so i'm on the hunt. :)

Ah I only have 1 more soccer game left! This season has gone by SO fast. It is my last one{i'll age out of our Rec league} and actually at the beginning of the season I wasn't too excited but then I got to know my team and got comfortable and I'm sad to see it go. I love the friendships you form from just 2 months of playing together on a soccer team.
speaking of sports, who's excited that its football season?! well i am.

a quick update on my health--I had an allergy test done last friday and that was an adventure. [a blog post coming about it.] I'm still battling with headaches most everyday, some that just knock me out. i get super tired and can't do school which is not very good. another than all the allergies, i think headaches are the biggest thing right now.

SO. its a beginning of a new week. {the last one of September. um just where did that month go? seriously!}. a fresh start. i'm setting some goals out there that I want to reach. not a bunch. i don't want to overwhelm myself but I don't want to cheat myself either. i'm going to keep track of how I do and i'll blog about it at the end of the week! motivation... :)

be in bed by 11pm . with babysitting and soccer its a really big help to get good sleep! ;]
workout {30 Day Shred and/or 1 mile run} on thursday.
getting my school done before getting on the computer for pleasure{blog, twitter, pinterest etc.} - school is hard enough already with my health issues and such so most of the time taking away the distraction of the computer is good.
have patience. I think that one is pretty self explanatory.

Do YOU have any goals for the week?

here are some photos from pinterest that have inspired me. i hope they inspire you too! :)


i hope you have a great start to the week friends! :) 

much love♥Samarah


  1. i'm praying for you, lovely!
    hmmm we could have a football game day party...well not party but i'll have to have you over sometime and we could watch a football game together...funnn. maybe. idk. ok maybe not...
    anyways, i hear ya about clothes. although i'm an 11/13, i still know what you mean. :(
    love youu!

  2. Praying you start to feel better! Jean shopping is definitely a pain! I went about a month ago and it took the entire day to find some! Have you tried Khols yet? I found some there. Womens petite section, Vera Wang design, less than $40. Maybe give it a try?

  3. yes, shopping for jeans is a NIGHTMARE! sheesh, they're so annoying. :p Clothing stores, I mean. ;)

    praying for you!!! I do hope you can get back to blogging soon---I miss your posts!

    love ya always,


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