Sunday, August 14, 2011

random post...cuz I feel like blogging about random things.

hey! just thought i'd do a post blogging about some random things and hopefully it will take my mind of my headache that i've had since last sunday/monday that won't go away even though i'm resting, drinking, moving, eating, sleeping that i'm supposed to. is <--- that a run on sentence? yeah I think it is. ;)
 this is how i feel about this headache. 

+at the beginning of the summer, my dad, sibs and I were wandering around yard sales on saturday and I wasn't finding any good finds and then i found this for $2 at the last sale we went to.

yep. it looked like it had just been bought and watched once or twice. for 2 bucks. i was happy. :)

+i'm really looking forward to football.  I miss crashing on the couch after church and cheering for
my team :)

+ this song and this song.

+ reminding myself of this...


i struggle with comparing myself to other bloggers. i think we all do. so and so gets more comments than me or so and so have more followers or so and so's posts are so much more enjoyable. i let those thoughts and more steal my joy for blogging. blogging is a place where i can be myself and share my thoughts about life. it should be a joy. share your heart and blog about what you want to. don't base your blog on what others want or what you think will get you the most comments. just be you and people will come :)



 + my team and i won our first game on saturday! it was hot{we were in the direct sun. no shade} and were really tired afterwards but we did it :) Now that we have our first game under our cleats ;) i'm looking forward to future practices/games.
Though, the 4th quarter, I had to sit out because my head had starting getting worse with the pain. it really put a dent in my playing. I have a game tomorrow and I'm hoping I can give it my all. That the pain won't be too overbearing.

+ I cannot spell  especially to save my life. --so I have to google the word to get the correct spelling and i did it just now. and of course I spelled it right. haha ;)

+ i want to see this movie--


+and finally these lyrics--
 It's clear enough to me The ugliness I see Is evidence of who I need

hope you have a great rest of the night and good start to the week! mine is going to be full for sure :)

much love♥


  1. I want to see Captain America sooo bad! I just have no one willing to go see it with me *sigh*. Oh well! And hey, Inception for 2 bucks? I am envious. I love that movie.
    And girl, your blog is lovely. I love it, always have...your blog is you. And that makes it unique, and beautiful ;)
    <3 Lauren

  2. DUDE YOU GOT INCEPTION FOR TWO BUCKS NO WAY THAT'S-- *sigh* That's it. You're my new best friend. Come over and bring the movie so we can watch it!!
    And dude, I totally wanna see Captain America too. And I love those songs. And don't worry, I can't spell to save my life either. And I know what you mean about the commenting, etc. Blogging gives me joy, and I do it for me, and if someone wants to comment, yay!! Haha. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. TWO BUCKS??? :O That is SUCH a rad deal, omg, I am jelly. ;) Not but seriously, that is awesome.

  4. I am SO excited for football season! ♥

  5. fun post ... i actually love random post!

  6. Captain America is good ;) I hope you can goo see it too!

    I am also VERY excited for football season :) :) :) :)

    Inception for $2! yes please!

  7. love this post :) and thanks, we are either cute, or totally weird not sure which one! maybe both?! haha


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