Friday, August 12, 2011

its friday!! we made it! :]

 hey friends! its friday! that means i've made it through another week and if you are reading this, you have too! hope you are having a good one :)
man, this past week was a busy one. it feels like I haven't been home all week. babysitting monday, tuesday, wednesday and yesterday[ thursday]. soccer on monday, [ soccer pictures on tuesday], wednesday and thursday. a lot of coming and going. and I've had a bad headache all week and cannot get rid of it. i've tried most everything. and my back is not loving soccer right now ;/ wednesday's soccer practice was not a pretty sight[ like hardly being able to walk] . so i'm learning to get a balance between pushing myself but not killing my back. other than my back, soccer is going good! my coaches and teammates have been really encouraging, understanding and kind through all my back issues. so thankful! Opening Day[all the teams play their first game] is tomorrow and I'm excited! We've got the makings of a strong and determined team :)

Between babysitting, soccer and my health, this week has been draining and busy. a lot of running here, there and yonder. late nights and early mornings. lots of prayers for strength and patience. it was good but I'm so glad I don't have anything to do today outside of the house :) I did some cleaning{ the week was very hard on my room. it was mess.y.} this am and now my sibs and i are just chilling :)

as i think about the past week here are some things that I'm thankful for:

*I don't know about where you live but the past 2 days, the weather has been fabulous! like in the 70s/80s, NOT humid and breezy! Its like the weather we should of had in the spring. you can actually go outside and not feel like you're going to melt. I hope it stays around for a while :)

*Young Love has been on repeat, seriously since I got it. a few times at soccer practice , I'd start randomly singing 'Ships in the Night' or 'Count on Me'  or 'Down' in my head ;D oh and i've discovered that listening to 'Ships in the Night' at night is epic. because I know you've been wanting to know that. ;] My 6 year old brother's favorite song is 'Hey Mama' and my little sister's favorite is 'She Got the Honey'. so.cute. :)

*tweeting with my dear friends. those girls are such a blessing. they are such an encouragement on those hard days. Who knew that twitter could bring such special people into my life!


* last but not least, lovely light and raindrops which made for these kinds of photos that i'm loving-

 {the rest coming SOON!} 

What are some little things that YOU are thankful for this friday?! :) 

much love♥


  1. Such a beautiful post. I love being on Twitter, too...and I LOVE THIS WEATHER! Oh my goodness! It's wonderful!

  2. I've been sick since Thursday with some sort of allergies cold thing.But I'm getting better now.Your poor back :( My back will get so stiff and then hurts... Hope it'll get to feeling better :) What a lovely blue sky(we are all thankful for the cool weather.It was like high eighties yesterday and we were all like it's cold spell! And that last picture?G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!I'm thankful for books to read when you feel bad.And pepper mints and herb/cough drops when you have a sore throat.Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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