Saturday, March 26, 2011

friday highlights :]

so I totally meant to post this on Friday but its 12:40 am Saturday morning so obviously that didn't get done ;) but who's keeping track of time?? ha ;P

I had a pretty good friday. I had a Dr. appointment this morning about 45 minutes away and we have friends who live around there so after the app. we went shopping and then out to lunch with our friend Mrs. K :) My camera( which had been glued to my hand ever since mom came home ;) tagged along with me for the day and so here's my friday morning and afternoon in pictures :-)

 I don't have a picture for this but my headaches have gotten MUCH better in the past few months! I've only gotten 1, over 3 days but I have that under control. they've gotten so much better that I might be able to get off the headache medication around the end of May!! :] I'm really praying I can. I need to keep working out, eating gluten free and takin' all those vitamins and such! Some days(like today, for a few hours) it doesn't even feel like I'm getting any better or can do anything about it. Then God uses a song on Air1 or a person's tweet or something to remind me that I can't do this on my own. I need to rely on HIM for my strength and perseverance. Its hard but I can do all things through Christ who strengths me! my God is a mighty fortress. I know some of you have shared with me that you have some rough health problems and are going through similar things, please know that I am praying for you( and even if you haven't shared I still pray for you) and keep taking those small steps, striving for better days! I'm right there with ya♥♥

1. Whole Foods!! really like that store :)
2. found some yummy gluten free bread! it was so exciting because I'd had such a hard time finding good GF bread. very thankful :]
3. GF snacks
4. beautiful tulips inside the store

1. off to hopefully find some goodies for a great price! Everything was 40-50% off and then take another 10% off your whole purchase.
2. I did!! I headed to the History section {I'm a history lover if ya haven't caught that}and found 2 books about 2 of my favorite time periods!  first one, Nelson's Trafalgar: The Battle That Changed the World by Roy Adkins[ about a battle in the1800s] for about $10. I read about Napoleon i history for school and he intrigued me, looking forward to reading it. 
3. Cranford!! That had a decent batch of DVDs (and Blu-Ray) for good deals! I was so happy to find this :) I love that show! They had Return to Cranford but I just stuck with the first one. I love that time period. okay, I just love history. ;] Anywho, altogether I got it for $21 #imahappygirl
4.The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan [Dust Bowl 1935] for about $9. I'm absolutely fascinated with that time period. The WWs, Great Depression and Dust Bowl. I've just read about 3 pages of the introduction and I'm already enthralled!
So I've got some great summer reads :]
 It feels like my birthday blessings have just kept coming and coming ;] God knew I needed those goodies today. 

 1. & 2. Went to an Irish Pub for lunch with Mrs. K. It was such an enchanting and beautiful place. It kinda reminded me of How To Train Your Dragon...that type of "culture". There were gorgeous stained glass windows all over the place and one room had a cozy fire. I took lots of pictures and will share more later :) *promise* ;]
3. I had some stew and it was delicious to say the least. So rich, hearty and yummy. *licks lips* it was so good
4. one of the stained glass windows. they were so vivid and bold.

Well that was my morning and afternoon in pictures and some captions :) When we got home we just relaxed, my mom took a nap(still trying to catch up on sleep!) and ate dinner. I've been spending the night(9:30-now, 12:20) editing pictures, tweeting, chatting, listening to music, and writing this blog post. no it didn't take me like 3 hours to write this... I was multitasking- editing a picture, blog, tweet, blog, chat with my friend, and blog, you get the picture ;)

speaking of music, here's some sweet tunes I've been listening to and loving :)

I'm such a Lord of the Rings girl at heart...{*lotr post coming in the near future*}

 Fell in love with this song all over again...

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments you've been leaving for me! Sorry I haven't replied to them yet! I'll try to do that this weekend, along with posting about my mom's trip to India! I cannot wait to show you guys! the pictures are amazing!

I'll leave you with two pictures from today...

here's my favorite stained glass window. hmm..unique and capturing isn't it??

signs of spring!!

What were some of your friday highlights??

much love,


  1. that was a awesome post! so glad you're doing well!

  2. LOVE LOVE whole foods! :) and tulips ;) they are my favorite flower :D

    Irsih Pups are the best *but i might be a little biased seeing that I'm irish*!
    we have a local one called the "Dublin Station" in our town.. Haven't been there in forever but its got great food :)

  3. Samarah!
    First I';m glad your feeling better!
    It sounds like you had a great Friday.I had been spending the night @my great-Grandma's house since Wednesday and my family and Papa came over for lunch.I saw a new Electric Company and The Rifleman(I am quirky huh?Gotta love those old shows though.) and atre a bunch of delicious food.But now my blig news...Emily has been found!I don't know if you found her or not but she is now at:
    I'm so glad someone posted about her new blog.

  4. I'm glad you had such a great friday, and that your headaches are getting better!
    i went to an irish pub once when i was in V.A. LOVED it! they are so homey!

  5. glad you're feeling better, m'dear. tisn't fun feeling bad :)

    and i REALLY wanna see cranford. lots of the blogs i read have suggested it. so i'm chomping at the bit to see it!

  6. Wow those are some pretty pictures:)

  7. ohh that's where you went to lunch!! i haven't been there, but I would like to. :) it's in front of Whole Foods. :0i'm so smart. j/k :D
    so happy that you're doing well! can't wait to get together soon!

  8. Sounds like you had fun!
    I went to Stations of the Cross at church on Friday and then fasted :D

    Oh, if you go to Costco they have all the BBC mini-series (or most of them) for fairly cheap. I think Cranford was about the same price here though...

  9. I wish there was a whole foods here! jealousss! love your blog.

  10. sarahlynn- thanks :) you too♥

    Samantha- yes, the food was SO good *licks lips* ;)

    Sierra- thanks girlie! I've never heard of the Rifleman, might have to check it out because I love old shows also =) Yes, I found Emily's blog! I'm so excited that she got back to blogging. praying for that sweet girl♥

    Jordan- ditto!! ;)

    anna- Cranford is a great show! a good balance of funny and serious and it deals with today's issues :) you should see it! ♥

    Rose- thank :)

    Michelle- thank you very much! :) thanks for the comment!

    "willow" ;)- same here!! :o)

    Milisande- I did have lots of fun :) We don't go to Costco...anywho I'm happy with my purchase :)

    tia- thanks so much! thank you following! :) Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

    much love,

  11. you can call me ellyn on here, i dont care :) i need to change that willow thing. ;) i keep forgetting and i don't even comment that much so it doesn't really matter ;)

  12. haha yea, I figured you didn't mind. I was being funny ;)


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