Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl and day 5- a moment I wish I could relive

ahhh.... the day is here! Superbowl!! as you know I'm rooting for the Packs *wink* I can't say for sure how this game will turn out. both the Packers and Steelers are great and talented teams. If the Packs win, I'll will be ecstatic and if they lose I'll still love 'em :) I will be happy either way it ends :) 

I'm a bit bummed though because (1) my dad is working today :( but he will be home for the Superbowl. (2) on the way home I got a headache. which is really sad because i have been feeling so good! ugh... :( last night i felt so bad. i ate chocolate and watched little house on the prairie with my mom. yeah it was sad. I tweeted  last night "chocolate is a girl's best friend on nights like these". I was so blah, i don't even know why. but last night is over and I'm focusing on now. ;D and I'm excited because we are having some good friends over tonight and also the superbowl ;]

Ok here's day 5 of the 28 day challenge...
day 5- A moment you wish you could relive-
 wow, this is a hard one. *think think think* well i had an amazing experience at the Make A Difference Tour. Gathering with hundreds of other people and lifting up our burdens to God and crying out our need for Him. Praising and singing songs of love and thankfulness. that is an amazing thing people. I felt such a change in my heart realizing that worshiping is so much than just songs or something you do at church. worship is a prayer and praise. acknowledging that He is Lord and praising Him for loving us SO much and giving us unending love, grace and mercy. Music is a beautiful way to express those thoughts and prayers. Music is truly the words of my soul ♥

Alrighty, well I'm outta here. gonna go help clean the house, make yummy food and put on my game face!

happy Superbowl Sunday everyone

with love,


  1. Happy Superbowl Sunday, Miss Samarah!! May the best team win ;D
    And yes, yes, yes, that is a spectacular memory to relive. I love when you have those circumstances, of being around hundreds of other people lifting your voices to God. It is truly a beautiful experience!

    ~Lauren :)

  2. *sighs* I'll love you always, Samarah!! May the best team win! *hugs*

    Awesome memory!!!! Hehe, wish I could have chosen just one. (:

  3. Have fun watching the Super Bowl!

  4. Eat loooooots of extra food for me! ;]


  5. *hugs back* Okay, your Packers played a great game, Samarah!!! And I'm proud to lose to such a gracious team. (:

    your bummin' but still happy for you friend,

    ps--Ha, that's a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one! *giggles*

  6. Yay! Packers won!

    Guess what?
    You have won the "January endings" Giveaway! Woot!
    E-mail me with your address, @
    Thank you so much for re-posting and putting the button on your blog!
    God Bless!

  7. Lauren- Yep the best team did win ;] just kidding!! :) the Steelers played a good game!

    Lily- I'll always love you too!! it was a really hard to choose JUST one ;)

    Hope- I did!!

    Kinsey- Yep I did and it was really good! ;]

    Lily- aww... thanks :)

    Charity- thank you!! :)

    much love,


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