Sunday, February 13, 2011

New camera= pictures!!!! & Day 13: A pastime favorite

 first of all, thank you to all the girls who have joined me in the Crazy Love Challenge :) ♥

eeekk.... we got the camera last night!! :) its pretty amazing :] There is going to be a lot more pictures on this lil' blog for sure! I've been having some fun with it, here's some pictures :)
except for the first 3, all these are straight outta the camera :)

can't decide whether I like the black & white or...

or the sepia...

or the cross picnik...

which one do you like best??

ah lovely algebra.. not.
don't worry... I don't cheat by looking at the answer key ;]

I've received all my wonderful prizes! :) 

I LOVE my bag. I took took it to church this mornin' :) 


gonna read Do Hard Things then read Start Here :)
and can't wait to spend my gift at target!

the Freedom cd, gonna put it on my ipod and take a listen:)

i know its not good to love materiel things but i love this thing...

sweet Bailey... love this dog!

well that's all the pictures for now but be sure there will be more! :)

Faith over at Something Fun is having a photography contest in honor of her 100th post! This is my first time entering a photography contest so I'm excited! the theme is Nature. I'm entering this picture :) i took it on a hike and there's no editing. simply beautiful isn't it?!

if you wanna enter,go here!

Day 13: A pastime favorite- 
pastime- an activity that occupies one's spare time pleasantly

well honestly I love kickin' back with some of my favorite snacks and watchin' a favorite tv show or movie with my parents or friends or playing around with some photography ;]

I'm off to get ready for the upcoming week!

with love,


  1. Awesome new camera!

    Love you new song by Josh Wilson on you playlist! Josh Wilson is one of my favorite christian artists :)

  2. glad you like the camera! im excited to see the pics your gonna take and love the pics you already took! i'm not sure which one i like better...either the 1st or 3rd...:D

  3. No on the algebra :) haha and yes on the black and white!

  4. AWWWW I love ur new camera so cool :)

  5. Love, love your bag:) Haven't read Do Hard Things, but it's on my list now:)

  6. Awesome camera!
    I'm actually planning on getting a nikon! :)
    I like the black and white!
    I followed your blog!
    Come see mine if you like!


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