Wednesday, January 26, 2011

random post 1.26.11 {including some lovely Etsy finds}

I like doing random posts because it doesn't have to be on just one subject or anything. and usually random posts are the ones I like to read most! so here's mine ;)

warning: this post contains some content regarding the Superbowl and cheering for the Packers, so if you are cheering for that "other" team then skip the following part ;)

the Packers WON their playoff game! and they are going to Superbowl XLV!! yipeee!! so excited :)
edit-if you are cheering for the "other" team, I'll still like you and be your friend ;)

Ok, so I totally made a dumb choice tonight. I ate gluten filled pizza for dinner. and im sick. I haven't had been eating breads so my body is rejecting it :/ I've learned my lesson... {i think}

my birthday is in 33 days!! a little more than a month. wow, its hard to believe that a year has gone by already!!
Etsy has some lovely things and I love that they are handmade! but they can be really expensive like yesterday I found a hat that was around $200!! seriously?! most of the things are reasonable though :) I found some really cute things and I had to post my favorites :)

uhh... LOVE!! these are definitely on my birthday list! ;)

more love!! though I can't decide whether I like these or the first pair better?

so cute!!

something vintage and "woodsy" about this necklace

which ones do you like??

with love,


  1. awww! Lovin' the Etsy finds! I think I like the first picture the best:) Very cute!:) Hope you feel better soon!:)

  2. Okay, 3 things!
    1. My Pittsburgh Steelers are going to WIN!!!! You, my dear, are one of the "others". (hehe, jk. But still. O.o)
    2. How old are you going to be??
    3. That necklace is beautiful, and I pretty much want it! :D

    ~Lauren :)

  3. Sorry about the whole eating gluten and getting sick. :/ Love, love that necklace! ♥ Yay {!!!} for birthdays! W00T! =D

  4. YES! Go Packers!!! :) I love those Etsy finds. I think I like the first pair of fingerless gloves better, but they're both completely adorable! <3

  5. awesome finds! love the gloves ^.^

  6. sorry about you eating that gluten pizza... :( Happy early birthday!!! I love those Etsy pics i like the first pic and the necklace <3

  7. *high fives Lauren* Go Steelers!
    But don't worry, Samarah----we still love you. ;)

    The first pair of gloves is my favorite, and that necklace......oh, it's so beautiful. So very....Lord of the Rings-ish. Which is perfectly fine with me. ;)

    love you always and forever,

  8. I like the first one better.I like all jewelry. Feel better!

  9. Hey Samarah:) I love the fingerless gloves so cute:)

  10. Mary-thank you :)

    Lauren-you are too funny!! either way the Superbowl goes, I'll like you ;)
    I'm not giving out my age quite yet on blogger, so sorry! I am between 14 and 18 :) ahh I love the necklace too!

    Kinsey-thanks girl! yess.. I'm excited for my bday :)

    Lindsay- YES!! ANOTHER GIRL FOR THE PACKERS!! Can you tell I'm a bit excited?! ;) im having a hard time deciding between the gloves :/

    Anna- thanks :)

    Sarahlynn- thank you for the early birthday! ;) you are so sweet ♥

    Sierra- thank you! :)

    Rose- AHH... I'M SO EXCITED YOU'RE BACK! I've missed you! :)

    thank you so much for all the comments, I'm truly blessed to have such a great bunch of blogger friends :)

    with love,


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