Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was inspired by the lovely Carlotta to do a Confessions post. I'm not perfect and I want to be real about my life and myself :)

confession- I feel like crud today. I woke up around 11:30 this morning, feeling terrible. ugh
confession- I'm really failing my "working out everyday" and "eating gluten free"New Years Resolutions.
I haven't worked out since Friday and I've eaten more food with gluten in it than food that's gluten free.I'm.so.unmotivated. and that ice cream was really good ;)

confession-I really love my skinny jeans.When they first became popular, I said to my family and friends, I will never wear those! they are hideous.(skinny jeans are "tightest" jeans i will wear, jeggings are over the top) but when SarahLynn was visiting, we went shopping with my mom because I was in dire need of jeans and I just tried on a pair of skinny jeans for laughs. but the more I had them on, the more i liked them! they weren't skin tight, if they were tight there's no way they would passed the Dad test ;) and they make look more slender which is nice ;) I wear them 3-5 days out of the week. you should really try them :) 

confession- twitter my 3rd favoritest online hangout. You can find me at @overcome1496. my tweets are protected and I'm trying to keep my followers, people that I know fairly well either through blogger or in real life. so if I don't know you through through blogging or real life and basically you're a stranger wanting to read my personal tweets, sorry no can do. 

confession- I love Carrie Underwood's There's a Place for Us from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. love.it. Its such a beautiful song and Carrie's voice is one of the best and powerful voices out there. seriously go on itunes and buy it. 

confession- As I read other girl's blogs I sometimes feel like my blog is so small and well boring. I know I'm not supposed to compare my blog to others but I do and I am. I mean, some of these girls have like 200 followers and get 25 comments per post. I'm not all saying that I'm not thankful for my followers and comments, I love you all and love your comments! but I still feel like my blog is blah. Is there something I'm missing?? Do you girls feel like my blog is boring? Are there subjects that I could post about more? please be honest :)

confession- My room needs some organizing. Going into the 2011 school year with an organized room with be great. but I really don't want to go through my school books,notebooks,papers,ring binders etc. and throw away old stuff etc. I wish I was Mary Poppins and I could just snap my fingers and everything would have a place and my room would be clean.

confession- Etsy is dangerous. seriously it sucks you in. There are so many cute and lovely things to look at. 
Confession- I really want to like Taylor Swift.
and she does have a few songs that I enjoy and she's "ok". but most of her songs are about boys, breakups, you belong with me, yada yada etc. I don't my head filled with those type of songs, not that they're bad but they're about young love, crying because of a broken heart and then maybe getting revenge on a boy that broke your heart or something. I really like her voice and the way she writes her lyrics but I wish she would write more songs not about boys and love. Because I really want to like Taylor Swift.

Confession- I love history, I especially love the World Wars and the Depression.


I love reading and learning more about the Depression. I know that my sound mean, that I "love" the Depression, such a sad and extremely hard time in history. But I love reading about how people lived through such a terrible time and got through it. I know tons of people suffered and died but I just love that time period.

well as Carlotta said, that felt very freeing :) Do you have any confessions? Don't worry I won't judge you ;)

with love,


  1. Confession: I'm still trying to get back to real life
    Confession: I am totally in love with Edmund Pevensie
    Confession: I like skinny jeans too!
    Confession: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Don't ever think you aren't loved, Miss Samarah!!! I always look forward to your posts. (:

    Love and prayers,

  2. Yay for skinny jeans, I don't wear any other type of jean. They rock my world. =D

    I think Taylor gets too emotionally involved with guys that she knows isn't interested in serious relationships or just knew it wasn't go to anywhere in the first place and then she writes a song about it. It's just like BLAH get over it and move on!!

    Oh and yah me too on the History deal. LOVE History, I'm such a geek about it.

    I'm also with you on the comparing my blog to others. I do it all the time but I shouldn't! And, neither should you, I love your little blog-aroni-doni!! It's unique, it's random, it's awesome! ♥ xx

  3. Hey, Samarah ... if you feel like your blog is little and un-visited, come look at mine. :-) I feel like a million bucks because I got three comments yesterday!! :-D

    I love history, too ... and my room is totally disorganized ... and I'm awful on diets, too! :-O


    Love in Christ,

  4. Hey Samarah! I loveee your blog, its not at all boring!!:)) N I sooo agree with you on what you said about Taylor Swift!:D
    BTW, thanxx for stopping by and commenting on my blog:)))

  5. Lily- I'm trying to get back to real life also! :/ Edmund is a worthy guy! I'll have to get around to writing about my Peter! ;) aww.. you are so sweet! :) I love your blog too!!

    Kinsey- Yes, I totally agree with what you said about Taylor Swift!! thanks :)

    Vicki- I'm sorry if I offended you, I didn't mean to sound all sorry for me! sorry :/ You will get more followers and commenters the longer you blog, it takes time! I'm still amazed that I actually have 77 followers?! Just keep up the great blogging :)

    thank you girls! you made my day :)

    with love,

  6. confession: i love taylor swift, even though bleah thinks she's awful. and i'm really good friends with her.

    confession: i'm in love with peter pevensie :)

    confession: i feel the same way about my blog.

    confession: YOUR BLOG ROCKS!!!

    confession: we sound so similar it's not even funny.

    anna :)

  7. I think everyone was having a crummy day today.. haha! I love reading about historical war, prejudices, and suffering.
    I am one weird cookie :D

    and then I also cannot stand Taylor Swift.. But i really wish i did like her for some reason.

  8. hey Samarah! you're doing great! you really are! just ask God to help you feel motivated and that will just set your day! trust me i feel unmotivated ALL the time and ever since i started waking up early and doing me quiet time i feel so much better!
    basically agreeing with you on almost all your confessions! u just inspired me to do a post like that! and your blog is amazing!!!! i love it ((and you!))
    love and miss you!

  9. Hi! I noticed that you followed me on my blog! Thanks SO much! I have been having tons of trouble with my url so I had to start over..:(
    Please, if you wouldn't mind, re-follow me on this url: http://daniellespaperheart.blogspot.com/


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