Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?? lovely songs I'm getting for FREE!

A lot of the songs in my iTunes library I've gotten for free, legally! :) If you really look for them, you can find some awesome songs without paying a penny :) Over the last couple days I've found some new songs from artists I've never heard of before that I've really liked and I thought some of you would enjoy them also :)

These songs I just found tonight.
3 songs by Josiah James. I'd never heard of him before tonight and I really like his voice and his lyrics are powerful. Click HERE to get his Christmas song Heaven Came Down. Click HERE to get Chasing The Wind ( I love this one already! i keep playing it over and over again :) Click HERE to get Stringless, listening to it and loving it.

I've found some new sites that offer free, legal Christian music. ♥ :)
Indie Vision Music ( where I got the Josiah James songs) and M-brio the blog and the main site.Where I got THIS really fun Christmas song. oh and this mixtape album... I'm still listening to it, not sure what to think of it yet ;) last but not least, NoiseTrade. I got Sara Groves album-Oh Holy Night Tour Live:The Prison Show from there. I haven't downloaded much from there that I've liked very much but I've found a few songs that I've enjoyed :)  definitely check out those sites, im still finding goodies :)

Ok here are sites that I found quite awhile ago, they have kept me supplied with some really great songs! some of them you have to sign up for (for free) but its so worth it! please check them out! i bet you'll find something you like :)

New Release Tuesday you sign up and every tuesday you get a newsletter with free songs!
Hear It First right now they are having a "25 Days of Christmas" event where everyday up to Christmas they give away some thing free, like a free song or a Christmas videos with different music artists. its really cool! Click here to check it out.
The Free Christian Music Blog sign up for the newsletter and you get an email everytime he has a new blog post with free downloads
and Amazon is having a "25 Days of Free" You can get a new free holiday song everyday through Christmas. like Francesca Battistelli's song You're Here and BarlowGirl's I'll Be Home for Christmas.

Hope you find a song or two that brightens your day! (or should I saw night? its 10:40 ;)

with Christ's love,


  1. I got the NEW Toby Mac Christmas song for FREE on iTunes!!! Merry almost Christmas!! :)

  2. Thanks Samarah! I got almost all those songs right when i saw your post!

  3. My Photo Challenge has begun! Check it out...



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