Sunday, September 26, 2010

lots of things

I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog. we've been busy. i've been busy. life has kept me busy. and because i've been busy I've decided that I can't blog as often as I'd like to. I have lots of school work to do and I need to have the least amount of other things to do! So I will probably post about 1 or twice a week if that instead of like 3 or 4 times. Maybe when I get more in the rhythm of school I can blog more but for now I can't. I will still get on and read blogs and comment :)

Speaking of blogs, my dear friend ( in real life! :) Sarahlynn, starting blogging again! yay! So please check out her blog HERE and become a follower and leave her a comment! :)

Here's what I'm listening to :)

Something to Say by Matthew West
Live It Up by Group 1 Crew
Fuego and Broken People by KJ-52
She Colors My Day by Amy Grant
Rock What You Got,Cross The Line, Alive, Anthem by Superchick
NY2LA and Getcha Hands Up by Press Play
MIghty to Save and From the Inside Out by Seventh Day Slumber
Eggshells, The Meaning of Life and Alive by Hawk Nelson

I encourage you to check out this great songs! :) and let me know what you think!

Also I saw this on Michelle's blog and thought it was cool :)

So feel free to re blog those if they apply to you ;)

hmmm... something that's going on in my life right. soccer!! my team is undefeated and our last game in on Tuesday. I'll miss playing it and seeing my teammates. Every year I strive to love my teammates ( not a romantic love mind you, a Christ-like love) and not ignore or treat someone badly because of their size, ability, or race which is not something a lot fo people try to do! but we need to try. they're are people around us that are lonely and hurt because someone has neglected them because they are different. I try to make sure that doesn't happen to people when im around them :) anyway, i kinda got distracted off the subject.. umm what was the subject of this part? oh yeah soccer ;) so i was saying that i will miss playing soccer dearly, even the running in 90 degree weather and sweating buckets ;)
Soccer is a great motivator for me during the year to get in shape so I can play hardest and my best. and its a good way to meet other kids who love soccer and have fun playing it together! but I'm kinda glad its going to be over so I can have more time for school and other things that I need to do :)

Last but not least, thank you SO much Anna Gray, Shaynie, Sierra, and Annie who left comments saying that they were praying for Mrs. V and her family. Please continue to pray for her husband and kids as they adjust to life without her. thanks again!

Okey Dokey hope this post wasn't terribly boring for you ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Love in Christ,


  1. I understand about not being able to post much! I'm so busy, too. Hope things slow down for you soon!

    I will continue to pray for the family.

  2. I will be praying. I was glad to see an update today though!


  3. I understand to! because i just posted the same thing not 1 week ago!
    love ya!

  4. I love the song by Group 1 crew :) its one of my favorite ;)

  5. Shaynie- thank you!

    Maggie- thank you for praying and commenting :)

    Sarahlynn- thanks for praying :) love ya too girl!

    Samantha- mine too :D

    Michelle- :D I love finding other girls that enjoy the same things that do!

    thanks for the comments!



hey there! thank you so much for reading and commenting. seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥


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