Thursday, September 2, 2010


I knew it was coming, I just didn't want to think about it. The time when I would have to stop spending so much time on the computer, watching more TV, staying up late, sleeping in, not really being on a schedule or routine and face this.....

Yes, the feared by all, school books!!
Ok so its not so bad ;) I'm actually enjoying starting school again. I love opening a brand new school book, writing in a brand new notebook using a brand new pencil! I love organizing papers into new binders and folders :)

I love that when school starts it means that Fall isn't very far away! I absolutely L-O-V-E fall!!! I'm a die hard sweatshirt ans sweatpants wearer!! love the vibrant colors of the golden, brown and red leaves that cover the trees and then the ground.

love the cool breeze that picks up leaves and flutters them about. love the big orange pumpkins that you pick out and decorate your house with or clean them out, give them faces and put candles in

love the bonfires and roasting marsh mellows with your family and friends. love taking walks in sweat pants and sweatshirt and smelling the crisp, beautiful scent of fall...
(oh and did I mention that fall is an awesome time to take pictures?! ;)

and with fall brings... football!!

who's a football fan with me??
I've been watching some of the preseason games and it will be interesting to see which teams do well enough to get to the Superbowl :)

well I'm definitely excited for fall and what it will bring :) What are you looking forward to in fall?

by the way, what do you think of my new fall look?

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  1. Love the new look! And ditto to everything you said about fall. :) So glad football is back!!!

    Hope YOU are having a nice day. ;)


  2. Love Fall and football both:)

    Who's your favorite team?

  3. I LOVE the fall look too! and i absolutely looooooove fall to!

  4. I love the look, it's soooo cute!
    I don't real understand football.I like volleyball,skating, diving/swimming,and other Olympic type stuff.
    My favorite seasons are fall and winter so I am exciting.
    And for Halloween.WE just go around to the neighbors with homemade costumes.I have a huge sweet tooth.I am pretty pumped about school just not as much on Math.
    Math because I don't like it as much and it is hard.
    Gonna miss summer though.
    No more swimming =(

  5. Hahah me too, I was very excited to start school back as well. I was so excited about using my new notebook and smelling the smell of new books:)

    much love,

  6. Shaynie- thanks :)

    Lily- thanks! I'm so glad football is back too :)

    Celtic Traveler- I'm a Bengals and Vikings fan! When other teams are playing I just decide on one to cheer for if they're not one of my favorites :)

    Sierra- I'm not a Math fan either!! ;)

    Rose- Oh I LOVE the smell of new books :)


  7. I love your new fall look on your blog! I am so excited for fall to come. It's one of my favorite times of year besides winter and spring!

  8. I love the new fall look! :) I'm not a huge pro-football fan, but not a hater either. I will be paying more attention than usual with Tim Tebow playing for the Broncos now. ;) And I do LOVE the Super Bowl, but that's a winter thing. I would love to see the Giants or Broncos go to the Super Bowl just because they are fave teams. :)


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