Monday, August 16, 2010

What I'm Listening To :)

I haven't done a What I'm Listening To post in a while so I'd thought I'd do one now :)

Something Beautiful, These Hard Times, Girl Named Tenesse and Let Us Love by NeedtoBreathe. These are some awesome songs! I love Bear's ( the lead singer) voice and their style of music :)

The whole album Born Again by Newsboys! When I heard the Michael Tait was going to be Newsboys' new lead singer I wasn't os sure about it but now that I've listened to some of their songs I love his voice! Michael has added a new great sound!
Show Me What It Means by Meredith Andrews. I did a post about it yesterday so you can go read what it means to me and the lyrics!

Breakdown and Change by Group 1 Crew! Excited for their new Cd coming out in September, Spacebound!

Can't Take It In- Imogen Heap. l♥ve this song!

On and On by Chasen. I sing this song all the time! love it :)

last but not least the awesome song Hello Hurricane by the amazing band Switchfoot! ;)

what are you listening to? Can't wait to read what songs you are enjoying :)


  1. I'm digging:

    Born Again by Newsboys
    Times by Tenth Avenue North
    Lead Me by Sanctus Real
    Plenty others----but I just can't remember them at this time!

    In Christ,


  2. Ooh! I actually love all of those songs too!! I especially love NeedtoBreathe and Group1Crew. :)

  3. I LOVE On and On by Chasen!

    But sadly, I must admit I do not like the Newsboys now that Tait is the singer. I am DIE HARD Newsboys fan when it was Peter Furler, and I am a DIE HARD dc Talk fan (which was Michael Tait) but the two don't mix. To me, anyway.

    I am also loving Stellar Kart's new song, Something Holy.

  4. Lily- Oh I love those 3 songs too! :)

    Sophie- Oh cool! We like the same songs :)

    Shaynie- Yeah I love Peter Furler's voice but I didn't like the old sound of newsboys and I like DcTalk too but I like the new sound of Newsboys :) but different people have different tastes! :)

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Oh gosh, what song am i NOT listening

    I've been listening to some of The Beatles lately.

    Fix You - Coldplay
    You and Your Heart - Jack Johnson
    The only exception - paramore
    hello sunshine - barlowgirl
    Misery - Maroon 5

    There are tons more but I don't want to have to read a long comment :D


  6. I LOVE how good he is in it!
    I also am in LOVE with Born Again the song.LOVE IT!
    I got a DS game for my DSI,
    Style Savvy I love it sooo much I could spend the entire day on it!


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