Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a new favorite music artist: b.reith

So on the What Does This Blog Need poll on my sidebar, its showing that you all want more songs and videos ( even though there has only been 3 votes ;) So more songs and videos?? Seriously? I mean I post about music like every other post! ;) but hey that's ok! I love music and I love blogging about!! :D

I've discovered a new music artist that I love! B. Reith. A few years ago and I saw his music video Awestruck and I didn't really care for it very much but I saw a little bit of his music video for the song The Comeback Kid a few days ago and I had it stuck in my head and I just had to find the song and listen to the whole thing! I just loved it! and found some more of his other songs and loved those too :) He has a fresh style that I haven't been finding from other current popular artists and he mixes rap/hip hop, pop, and rock altogether which is something that is hard to do but he does it very well :) So here's my new favorite song and music video: The Comeback Kid

Check out his website to find more of his songs, videos, wallpapers and his blog :)


  1. I had heard Mess(which I like)so I already had heard him some but this was different!He is a good rapper type.SO I liked it =)

  2. I love this song! I listened to it over and over last summer. :)


  3. Sierra- He is a good rapper :) and he mixes that with other genres of music ♥

    Hope- I'm listening to it over and over :)


  4. LOVE HIM! Ahh :) I've been listening to him for a year or so now. He's so underestimated! He's like a young Toby Mac ( now that i think of it, i think it was Toby Mac that found him;) )

    One of my favorite songs by him is Antidote, check it out ;)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Samantha- I agree, he is very underestimated! Yeah it was tobyMac that found him :) ahh.. I love the song Antidote!! I'm been singing it ever since I heard which was like yesterday ;)

    Thanks for the comment :-)



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