Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Award and tag

Is it just me or these passed few days in the blogging world have been filled with lots of awards and awarding?! There has been awards everywhere! ( ok maybe not everywhere but it seems like it ;)
I got the Sunshine Award from Katie, thanks Katie!!

I think this tag goes with it

#1 Your favourite colour. I love lots! i really like teal blue.

#2 Your favourite branch of the military. umm... I've never really thought about it( never saw the need to think about it!)

#3 What is your dream vehicle. a big Ford truck!

#4 Hats of choice if any. When I was younger I wanted a cowgirl hat but now i dont really have any...

#5 What’s the last movie you watched? I watched half of The Fellowship of the Ring last night :) the last whole movie I watched was Faith Like Potatoes, very good movie by the way :)

#6 Have you ever had a pet? yes, right now I have a guinea pig :)

#7 What is your favourite movie or TV show character? I can't choose I like a lot!! ( i'm not good at these kinds of questions because i cant just choose one!!) here's some of my favorites, Aragorn ( from Lord of the Rings), Lucy( from Narnia), Russell ( from Up) and Laura ( from Little House on the Prairie). those are just some of them :)

#8 Do you have any firearms? no!

#9 Favourite 2 quotes? "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you" - Elbert Hubbard and
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." — Martin Luther King Jr.

#10 Have you had a MRE? I have no clue what that is... I am supposed to?!

I award:


Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the award! =D

    ~Miss Grace~

    p.s. I like owl city, too

  2. Hey, on you're sidebar I see you're reading 101 Natural Wonders. I love that book and actually read it every summer!

  3. Oh Samarah Dear! Thank you so much for the award I love it!

    Much Love

  4. Celtic Traveler- I love it too! Someday I want to go to some of those places :)

    Rose- You're welcome!! :D

    Sister in Christ,

  5. Kendra- :) haven't "talked" to you in a while! :) thanks for commenting!

  6. Oooooh gotta love LOTR! I used to seriously like Legolas, now he just drives me nuts LOL!! Neat blog, I was looking through your playlist and you have an Owl City song I've never heard!! Whoaaaah! :) Will be awaiting your return from computer-free land, I tried that and it didn't last long. I <3 my laptop!

  7. BK- lol yeah it's something you really have to put your mind to and honestly i really didn't miss it that much! :)


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