Sunday, February 7, 2010

staying home from church = a full post of fun things :)

I'm staying home from church today because I feel worse than I did yesterday :( I remember having a sinus infection sometime last year and I had it for a while. I hope this time it doesn't stay around for very much longer :)
Its snowing here! and its only 13 degrees! oh I love the snow but NOT the bitter cold!

Do any of you like The Chronicles of Narnia? I love them! I love books and the movies!

They would have to be my 2nd favorite series of books :) and I'm very happy with the movies, the actors and actresses did a wonderful job representing each character and the director did a great job of both sticking to the main story line but also adding some other details and a little "movie magic". I can't wait for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to come out!
I hope it is as good as the other 2 :)
I was wondering if you all had a favorite character from TCON?( it can be more than 1 if you want :) if so,why is he/she your favorite? if yours is one of the Pevensie children could you maybe think of another character besides the Pevenise children that you like? :) My favorite characters would have to be (besides the Pevensie kids ;)
Oreius and Glenstorm.

I love Oreius's devotion to Aslan and High King Peter and Glenstorm's devotion to Caspian and Peter. They both were willing to die that very day if it meant honoring and serving the king. It reminds me of how we should serve and honor our King- the Lord Jesus Christ.

so just leave me a comment and let me know what yours are!

I have another follower! Thanks Rose! Click on her name, visit her blog and leave her a comment! (because we all know that a blogger loves comments, lol :)

SUPERBOWL! just in case you are wondering.... I'm cheering for the Colts! :D ( but i have a feeling like the Saints are going to win but I'm still rooting for the Colts :)

hope y'all have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. I know what you mean I hate the cold too! :) I can't wait until summer!

    I hope you feel better soon!


  2. I can't wait for warm weather too! :)

  3. We have both and I love them both! We too are getting ready to watch the super bowl. But we are rooting for the Saints...remember we are from Maryland, and I am a Ravens fan;)

    Love in Christ,

  4. :) did you get my message asking if you could send me a invitation to your blog?

  5. yes, I LOVE Narnia! Is it a coinincidence that Tolkien & Lewis were best friends?

  6. :) do you have a favorite character from Narnia?

    In Christ,

  7. I love Narnia! How have you been? Sorry I haven't commented in such a long time; I will try to do better.


  8. Oh that's ok, I understand :) I'm not feeling too good but still pluggin' along ;)

    Praying that you are doing well.

  9. Hey, Samarah. So sorry but I did not get your message. Would you try emailing again to Or you could just leave a message on my Narnia blog if you'd rather.

    Love in Christ,

  10. Oh ok, I will leave a message on your Narnia blog :)


  11. Oh my goodness, I am obsessed with all things Narnia, specially Georgie Henley!!

    My favorite characters would have to be Lucy and Edmund, and Reep and Trumpkin.
    The reasons: becuz Reep is hilarious and I love the relationship between Trumpkin and Lucy. Its soo sweet!
    And oohhh I've seen VDT. They did an awesome job! All the actors/actresses rocked their characters!!! :)


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