Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday and a few other things :)

Happy Birthday to ME!! :D I can't tell you how old I am but I can tell you that I'm a leap year baby :) I was born on February 29th but the 29th only comes every 4 years, so on the years when there is no 29th I usually celebrate my birthday on the 28th or March 1st :) This year I'm doing it on the 28th :D  I'm looking forward to spending the day with my family and a friend and the evening/night watching the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics :) I'm going to miss the Olympics SO much!! I'm going to through Olympics withdraw :( I'm not kidding.. the evenings are going to be so dull. Another 4 years... but I am looking forward to the Summer Olympics :D
Being looking for 2 Olympic posts :) I'll most likely do them sometime during the week :) I'm really excited about doing it!
Please vote on my Are you Praying for the Olympic Athletes poll :) the post explaining it will come soon :) 
13 followers!! YAY! thanks all you wonderful followers :D

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you my dear Samarah! :) I hope you have a good one.


  2. Happy Birthday!!! No Way! I have two dear friends in N.C. who are twins are twins and were also born on he 29th!

    Did you see Canada vs US in hockey today. So sad:( But exciting to watch;)

  3. thanks girls!! :D

    Nana- I watched like 10 minutes of the hockey game and I saw Canada score their 2nd goal and then I got bored so I didn't watch anymore lol :)

    hope you all have a great day!

  4. I hope you had an AWESOME birthday, Samarah!
    Sorry I haven't here in a while... Seems like life never slows down long enough for me to go read and comment on everyone's blogs! :-/
    So, how did your birthday go? That's cool that your birthday is on the 29th! Must be a little weird too though... You're real birthday comes only every four years!

    Oh, I'll miss the Olympics too! Winter Olympics are my favorite. I think one of the best moments in this Olympics was when Lyacek got gold! And I don't even LIKE men's figure skating! I ended up liking it though, or at least liking Lyacek. He was so genuine and nice, and I liked how his way of thinking. He totally deserved gold!

    God Bless You!

  5. HEY KATIE!!! :D that's ok I understand :) I got off the blogger track too for a while! haha ;)
    My birthday was ok... thanks for asking :) I only wish I didn't feel so bad :( YES I agree with you!! I loved Evan Lysacek's attitude and his character :) I'm SO glad that he got gold too!!

    Hope you are doing well :)
    Love in Christ,

    Ellie - thank you so much! :D


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