Monday, January 18, 2010

ok this is frustrating!

so I saw a template that I liked and wanted to make it into my new blog look. So I installed it and realized that all my gadgets weren't there!! thankfully I had saved my old template code and I found a place where they told you how to save your gadgets when you changed your template. Then I did what they said and it didn't work! I think something is wrong with my old template code, so now sadly I have to remember all the gadgets I had and re put them on my blog :( oh well... it will give me something to do( not like I don't have anything else to do! ;) anyhoo.... it will probably be a day or two before I get my blog back to normal. But isn't my new template cute?!



  1. Your new template is very cute. Robin Blogs does very nice work. Hope you get it all figured out.

  2. Thanks, Nana! I think I've got everything fixed :) and thank you so much for following my blog!


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