Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Decorations!

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree before we put the ornaments on

Here's the tree after we put the ornaments on :)

Here are the ornament balls that we put on a little tree that we have, they are so cute!

Here it is... sorry it's blurry!

Here are the decorations that we put on top of our entertaiment center.

Here are color lights that are on a mirror in my sister and I's room.

Here is a edited pic of our Christmas tree.

Well I really need to go to bed.... I've been on the computer for a really really long time!



  1. That is SO cool!! We are putting our decorations up tomorrow. My mom isn't feeling well today. :( Hope you had fun putting them up!!

  2. I hope your mom feels better! Tell her thatI'm thinking about her and praying for her! ;)

    We did have a really fun time putting them up! :D

  3. oh yeah and don't forget to vote on the LOL poll! :) (its on my sidebar)

  4. We decorated our tree this weekend, too! So much fun; great family time, too.


  5. Thanks for praying! we did our tree Sunday, I'll post pictures. I did the LOL poll :)

  6. Kendra- I agree, great family time! :)

    Sarahlynn- you're welcome! thanks for voting on the LOL poll :) I think I'll try to do one every couple weeks :)
    love and miss you lots Sarahlynn!

  7. Wonderful decorations!!! I love Christmas decorations...they're so pretty!! :)


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